Take A Look Around Our Facilities and What We Accomplish In Them

C3 - The Cube - Collaborative Communication Core

Collaborative Communication Core provides a space for collaborative work within and between courses, for communication with community partners, and for presentational work across disciplines.

Some highlights of the technology include the following:

  • 900 square foot dual-partitioned space
  • Furnished with easily and readily movable tables, chairs, and end tables
  • Four 70” Samsung LCD front displays and one 40” rear monitor
  • Enterprise class Cisco teleconferencing system with dual high definition front and rear cameras. The system allows the presenter to send the camera view along with a presentation source (powerpoint or iPad video) together to the remote client.
  • Teleconferencing system connects to the Internet through the University’s high-capacity interfaces into state and regional academic networks and national Internet providers, providing high call quality with low delay. This also allows for connecting dozens of remote clients to the call simultaneously.
  • Custom designed Crestron automation and control system featuring two wall mounted touch screen interfaces.
  • Completely customizable video and audio configuration – any source can be routed to any device. The system allows the space to operate as two independent systems, or can be joined to operate as one.
  • Two Dell Precision PCs with audio and video integration, allowing the presentation of computer content, and for using other web meeting/communication software.
  • Two Samsung touch overlays allowing users to interact with PC applications, and supports up to 6 simultaneous touch points.

UTA TV - Main Studio

UTA News and UTA News en Español broadcasts

  • State of the art live production facility
  • Industry standard Ross Video broadcast equipment featuring the Ross Carbonite production switcher, Xpression graphics system, and Blackstorm playback server.
  • Three Hitachi 1080i studio cameras with high definition viewfinders, integrated intercom and teleprompter
  • Sony robotic ceiling camera and control room cameras
  • Live reporting capabilities via Skype
  • AJA video processors and hard disk video recorders
  • Full body green screen cyclorama
  • LED studio lighting – uses 1/10th the power of conventional incandescent lighting systems
  • Completely file-based workflow from camera to air
  • Live to web stream and Time Warner Cable

UTA Radio

  • An iHeartRadio station – a part of the largest streaming radio platforms in the world.
  • Industry standard radio production systems.
  • WideOrbit Radio Automation – one of the most popular radio automation systems in the industry.
  • Broadcast audio console with remote talkback and intercom features
  • ElectroVoice broadcast microphones with professional processing
  • Music library containing over 12,000 songs across multiple genres
  • New music added weekly
  • Student operated
  • Hosts ‘Rocktober’, an annual live music series featuring local talent, broadcasted live from the library mall
  • Winner of the 2011 Radio Mercury Award for excellence in radio production