'Rewarding Bad Behavior'

Odion Eigbobo

By: Odion Eigbobo

Remember when you were a kid and every time you did something wrong, you would get punished by your parents or legal guardian? What if you were to told that all that stuff about being a good kid will not help you when you grow up? Ever heard of the quote “nice guys finish last”? This quote couldn’t be anymore true in this day and age.


'Shock and Aw'

Robert Ostrout

By: Robert Ostrout

When you hear you're being laid off it, is as though time stands still for a few moments. Regardless of whether you enjoy your job or absolutely hate it, after awhile that job becomes a part of you. Having it taken from you leaves you in a state of shock, and the only thing you can do is try to crawl your way back to consciousness.


'Fun on a Budget'

Gloria Moss

By: Gloria Moss

In today's economy, being frugal and thrifty is replacing being lavish and extravagant for college students.

We are all looking for ways to save money across the board, but the place we fail at being frugal is when it comes to a night on the town. I'll be honest. I've gone out and spent more money than I should have on drinks, as have most of my friends and most college students.