Cruising for Work

UT-Arlington Grad Lands Broadcast Gig with Norwegian Cruise Lines

By Gloria Moss, dot comm Staff

ARLINGTON, Texas - Kayla Humphries said she had hoped to have a job lined up to begin shortly after her December 2011 graduation.

But like many graduates in today's economy, the University of Texas at Arlington graduate found it difficult to find a full-time job even with her two bachelor of arts degrees. Humphries earned degrees in both broadcast and advertising.

"I was expecting to have a job I could start right after graduation," Humphries said. "I started sending out my resume in October and didn't get a call back from anyone until February."

Turns out that all she needed was a bit of patience.

Norwegian Cruise Lines recently hired Humphries as a broadcast technician, a position she assumed in early March. Humphries' duties include taking videos of cruises, editing the footage and producing it into commercials and DVDs available for purchase on the cruise ships. She will be working on the cruise ship for the next six months and then will be able to come home briefly before leaving for another six months.

"Norwegian Cruise Lines actually received my resume in October and didn't give me a call about the job until February," Humphries said. "It is a long process trying to find jobs right now, but it is not hopeless. You just have to keep your head high and continue to search."

The one thing Humphries said she wishes she would have done more of when looking for a job was to network with professionals.

"I heard it all fours years of college -- network, network, network," Humphries said. "But I never took it too seriously. I now see how important the networking opportunities I had in college were and I wish I would have taken advantage of them more."

Humphries also advises anyone who is currently looking for a job after graduation to try to find a human resources contact number.

"Since everything is online now it is difficult to actually find a number to contact human resources," Humphries said. "I would spend hours searching, but once I found one I would call and make sure they got my resume and it would put my name fresh in their minds. It is a long process but it worth it in the end when you have a job."