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UTA Radio joins the iHeartRadio digital radio platform

By Sam Watson and Chelsea Hulen, dot comm Staff

UTA Radio is the latest college radio station to join iHeartRadio.

iHeartRadio allows listeners access to more than 800 local radio stations through Internet browsers, gaming consoles and smart phones. iHeartRadio is comparable to Pandora in its interface, allowing users to listen to radio stations from all over the country -- even stations based thousands of miles away.

UTA is one of 12 college radio stations invited to join iHeartRadio during its initial start-up of carrying college radio stations.

Lance Liguez, faculty adviser for UTA Radio, said joining iHeartRadio gives UTA Radio more exposure nationwide, and opens up bigger future opportunities for the station.

"It gives us better visibility because iHeartRadio is the second most popular online radio platform," Liguez said, adding that he hopes it can help build UTA Radio's audience.

Liguez said the station won't have to make any major programming or format changes with the move to IHeartRadio.

When asked what the move could mean for current UTA students, Liguez said, "You can brag that your college radio station was part of a national digital radio platform competing with Pandora."