Faculty Profile: Brian Horton

Brian Horton

Brian Horton

Sr. Lecturer, Communication Technology - brianhorton@uta.edu

Email: brianhorton@uta.edu
Office: FAB 413A

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B.A. - Ball State University, 1999
M.A. -THE Ohio State University, 2004
Ph.D - THE Ohio State University, 2007


Dr. Brian Horton teaches undergraduate courses in the communication technology sequence including visual communication, website communication, human-computer interaction, and advanced website communication.


Dr. Horton's research examines the role of prosody in collaborative activities. This includes exploring the relation between prosodic features and structure in the grounding process. His previous research focused on entertainment theory, cross-cultural conceptions of love in marriage and friendship, and supportive communication in bereavement. He has published in Communication Research, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, and Visual Communication Quarterly. Recently, he has presented conference papers at the International Association of Langaguage and Social Psychology Conference and the National Communication Association Conference.

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