Grade Grievance Procedure

Students should make every attempt to resolve any disputes regarding academic matters with the faculty involved. In the event a student desires to pursue a grievance for appealing a grade, the required form is available in the department office (Fine Arts 118).

Step 1

Complete both the front and back of the Departmental Grade Appeal Form using additional sheets of paper if necessary. Return the completed form to the department office (Fine Arts 118). The grievance will be reviewed on the basis of the paper work submitted (i.e. this form and any supporting materials).

Step 2

The Chair will appoint a committee of the department’s faculty to review the appeal. After reviewing, the committee will make recommendations to the Chair.

Step 3

Following review, the Chair will inform the student of the decision in writing. The decision will be mailed to the address entered on the Departmental Grade Appeal Form.

Non-grade grievance procedure

In attempting to resolve any student grievance, the student must first make a serious effort to resolve the matter with the individual with whom the grievance originated. Grievances involving matters other than grades are appealed to the Associate Chair of the department. Students should make an appointment in person at the department office, Fine Arts 118.