UTA Radio covering conventions

Posted 9-12-2012 by Chyng-Yang Jang

UTA Radio had special press access to both the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, thanks to a pair of internships with The Washington Center.

Economics major Curtwin Bismark and public relations major Lauren Devoll are interning with the non-profit Washington Center this fall.

“The internship allows for both students to attend the conventions, but only if they have a media sponsor,” says Faculty Advisor Lance Liguez. “As a condition of being sponsored, both students have agreed to act as special correspondents for UTA Radio.”

In addition to their internship duties, both students provided UTA Radio with photos and interviews for use on the station’s newscasts, website, and various social media outlets. Devoll atttended the RNC in August; Bismark attended the DNC in Sept.