Communication News Intern


News of UT Arlington’s homecoming this weekend will be broadcast to the metroplex this evening when TXA 21 pays a visit to campus.

Patrick Modrovsky, UTA graduate and producer of the Fan Sports Show, will be broadcasting live from the College Park Center 6:30-7:30 p.m. today.

Modrovsky recently received two Lone Star Emmy Awards for his High School Spotlight and The Big Game EVERY Week programs with Fox Sports Southwest.

During tonight's show, TXA 21 will be rebranded as UTA21 in anticipation of the UTA vs. OU game on Friday.

Modrovsky said his station broadcasts live from schools occasionally, one of the most recent at the University of North Texas.

“We’re just doing it from UTA this time,” Modrovsky said.  “We wanted to do the Fan Sports Show live from the College Park Center.”

Show guests may include Coach Scott Cross, basketball players and members of the Movin’ Mavs squad.

Modrovsky said he makes sure his show gives time to lesser known sports programs as well as the more publicized ones.

“We’re not just worried about the big schools and the big football programs,” Modrovsky said.  “We care about all schools.”

Modrovsky said he is looking forward to seeing the new College Park Center for the first time. The university broke ground for the events center while he was a UTA student, but it was completed after he graduated in 2011.