Comm faculty engaged in productive summer

Posted 9-9-2013 by Barrie Hill

Many Department of Communication faculty members spent the summer months presenting articles and attending conferences.

Several professors have had articles selected for inclusion in a variety of publications in recent weeks.

Dr. Mark Tremayne and Dr. Andrew Clark’s article “New perspectives from the sky: Unmanned aerial vehicles and journalism,” published in May in Digital Journalism, has received national and international media attention.
Dr. Karishma Chatterjee and Dr. Charla Markham Shaw’s article, “Media portrayals of the female condom,” published in the Journal of Health Communication, is the No. 1 article published in the last year in the domain of sexual health according to MEDLINE and BioMedLib.

Julian Rodriguez published a book chapter, “Twitter use among English and Spanish language television stations: A traffic and content analysis of Dallas-Fort Worth local television accounts,” in the edited book Media Management and Economics Research in a Transmedia Environment.

Dr. Mark Tremayne and Milad Minooie (graduate student) will soon see their paper "Opinion leadership on gun control in social networks: Preferential attachment versus reciprocal linking,” in the American Communication Journal. The manuscript was based on a paper presented this summer at ICA.

Faculty and staff also spent summer months making presentations at numerous conferences.

Dr. Erika Pribanic-Smith presented her paper, “Partisanship in the Antislavery Press During the 1844 Run of an Abolition Candidate for President,” at this summer’s annual AEJMC conference in Washington, DC—and won the second place faculty paper award in the History Division. Dr. Pribanic-Smith also had an article of original research published in August in the journal American Journalism entitled "Conflict in the South Carolina Partisan Press of 1829."

Julian Rodriguez is conducting a survey of "dreamers" or undocumented immigrants who are over the age of 18 and living in Texas. His research was featured this summer on Univision/KUVN 23.

Dr. Tom Christie traveled to Budapest, Hungary to present a paper, “Democracy vs. Opportunity: Revealing the Nature of Conflict Communication Following the ‘Arab Spring’,” at the George Gerbner Conference on Communication, Conflict and Aggression.

Dr. Dustin Harp traveled to London to present a co-authored paper, “Where are the women? The presence of female columnists in U.S. opinion pages,” at the International Communication Association. She also presented a co-authored paper, “The double bind of political women: Coverage of Hillary Clinton's performance during the Benghazi Hearings,” at AEJMC that won the top faculty paper award in the Commission on the Status of Women Division.

Dr. Chunke Su presented a co-authored paper, “The combined roles of mastery and performance climates in implementing creative ideas,” at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Orlando.

Dr. Shelley Wigley presented two co-authored papers at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Convention in August: “Processing of persuasive messages” and “Subsidizing Sandy: Courage of Hurricane Sandy.”