Students honored by Alumni Association

Posted 9-9-2013 by Barrie Hill

The Alumni Association honored several Department of Communication students at it’s Aug. 28 scholarship reception.

The following students received scholarships from the UTA Alumni Association to be used toward tuition and book expenses.

Karen Blair (ADVT & PREL) and Beverly Newburn (BCMN & JOUR) received a Frankie Stewart Hansell Endowed Scholarship. 

Jonathan Blick (COMM) and Lauren Carle (Speech Comm) received a Karin McCallum Endowed Scholarship.

Monica Davis (JOUR & BCMN) was presented with a Lloyd Clark Endowed Scholarship.

Congratulations to all of our well-deserving students and to our faculty for mentoring them so well.

The Department of Communication offers a number of departmental scholarships each year for students in all Communication majors. Scholarship applications are due in early March for presentation at the department's Spring Convocation ceremony.