Students land internships, jobs for semester

Posted 11-1-2013 by Barrie Hill

Department of Communication students are fortunate to have many internship opportunities available as they reach junior- and senior- year course work. The Department has developed valuable business relationships with many local companies, non-profit organizations and media outlets to provide Comm students with valuable networking and internship possibilities.

This fall, students are interning with a variety of firms. Many students have also landed coveted jobs in their fields of study and are putting their classroom knowledge to work in real-world applications.

Shaun Hudgins, BCMN major, is interning with The Ben and Skin Show this semester after a summer internship with KRLD/105.3 The Fan working with Texas Rangers game audio. “Already I've learned a lot and am hopeful and optimistic about this possibly leading to a career opportunity for me. Right now, I'm working both internships concurrently and really enjoying it,” Hudgins says. “The experience I got with both radio production with Lance Liguez and TV production with Julian Rodriguez gave me a huge advantage over other interviewees and has helped me stand out from other interns as well.”

Evann Crawford, a Comm Studies major/PR minor, is currently participating in the Ford Grant Research Study with Dr. Shelley Wigley. The research project is a partnership with Mission Arlington in an attempt to create diabetes awareness.

PREL major Sara Tariq is a contributing writer for New York-based VIBE magazine, a contributing writer and editor for a music blog,, and is working an an intern for an LA-based artist management company. Tariq’s debut VIBE article, comparing established names in the electronic dance music industry to up-and-coming producers who are fairly young and new, can be accessed at the following link:

PREL and Communication Technology double major Noe Ponce a working as a contributing writer for a video game blog website aptly named “It's my job to regularly publish various articles on the video game industry every week by transforming plain, uninteresting press releases and industry news, into something fun and exciting that gamers would want to read, Ponce explains.

PREL major Brandon Demings is working in UTA’s Health Service Substance Abuse and Health Promotions Department as the Sr. Intern and Lead Educator. Demings is responsible for marketing, publicity and community relations for the organization and also works in peer education and counseling, providing support to students who may be dealing with substance abuse or alcohol problems.