Comm Tech student has a ring for you

Posted 11-1-2013 by Brian Horton

By Shonna Johnstone

Media Intern


Communication technology major Umair Ali didn’t expect to make the iTunes top 10, much less snag a No.1 spot when he created his first ringtone as a senior in high school.


“My original thought was that it would simply be something fun to do as boredom struck me often,” Ali said.


After listening to the iPhone’s classic tone “Marimba,” Ali fired up his music production software and created what would soon be a hit. After showing it to his parents and doing some research, iPhone Remix was listed under “tones” in the iTunes Store.


Ali’s ringtone later grabbed the No.1 spot in multiple countries like Canada, Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark. Currently it is still listed as No.1 in Canada above such artists as Drake and Justin Bieber and sits at No.16 on U.S. iTunes charts.


“My initial reaction was staring in awe,” Ali said. “Breaking the top ten in the U.S. is no simple feat; it’s the stuff dreams are made of.”


Ali said the first thing he found himself doing after reaching the top ten was firing up his laptop to create something new.


“My intention when creating the ringtone was to simply have something in the iTunes Store,” Ali said. “Just being able to say you’re in the iTunes Store is a big deal in my book.”


Now a junior at UTA, Ali says he’s always tweaking new ringtones to submit and is pursuing a certification in Emerging Media.


“The ringtone I use on my phone is always the newest one I’ve created,” Ali said.


The tone can be found in the iTunes application on iPhones by searching iPhone Remix or Umair Ali, the Google Play store for Android or Amazon.