AWC hosts leading business owner

Posted 11-22-2013 by Chyng-Yang Jang

Communication Intern

 Guest speaker Elizabeth Schick, President and owner of Pantheon, spoke to a room-full of students in the Maverick Activities Center Wednesday Nov. 13. The UTA chapter of the Association of Women in Communication, AWC, hosted the event, open to all students for the cost of $5.

 Schick, who is a recipient of the Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Award, spoke about her trials, successes and accomplishments within her background in law as well as the development of her current leading company, Pantheon.

 According to Schick there are “ABCs” to being successful.

 A-Attitude: “A positive attitude creates productivity and profit,” Schick said.

 Another important thing to remember about attitude is possessing a high EQ, emotional quotient, Schick noted.

 â€œEmotional quotient is the ability to recognize your own emotions, moods and impulses and having the ability to manage them effectively,” Schick said.

 B- Be Your Best: “Free yourself from the expectations of what you are not to live in the expectations of who you are,” Schick said.

 People can be broken down into three different categories depending on how they respond to different situations.

 â€œYou think, you feel or you act first,” Schick said. “If you want to be successful in the workplace I strongly suggest you find a job that lines up with the way you are wired. If you are not allowed to respond the way that you are wired, you will be responding the wrong way.”

 Schick says the most important way to be your best and to be successful is to show and not tell.

 â€œWords cannot do what showing someone can,” Schick said.

 C- Confidence: “If you’re not confident in your own abilities, no one else will,” Shick said.

 In preparation for the meeting, Schick sent out a survey to 20 male colleagues in leadership positions across 10 different industries.

 Among the questions asked: “What are three things you see that hold women back in the workplace or hindering them from the success they want to achieve?”

 â€œA majority of the responses came back either specifically saying ‘lack of confidence’ or things that were a result of a lack of confidence,” Schick said.

Schick’s advice is to embrace your femininity and you will achieve success.