ADVT major Kim Nguyen designed two posters for Women's History Month for UTA's Gender Studies program.

Several Department of Communication grad students have had abstracts selected for presentation at the upcoming ACES Symposium, The Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students.

Anna Prieto and Karen McAlister, partnering with Amanda Morse and Michael Magnus, respectively, will present at this year's March 25 Symposium. Prieto's abstract is entitled "Is Facebook Ruining Your Love Life?" McAlister's abstract is entitled "The Power of Social Media Communication during the 2014 Arlington, Texas Storm." Graduate advisor Dr. Tom Christie is the students' faculty mentor.

The ACES symposium is a university-wide event showcasing the best of students’ research and creativity. Students work with faculty mentors in their disciplines to write and submit abstracts for the competition. The approved abstracts are then turned into oral presentations or posters to be presented at the symposium. Judges utilize a rubric to evaluate presentations and posters. The highest rated presentations and posters are selected to receive awards which are presented on the evening of the symposium.

PREL major Alvaro Lopez has been working with the Kimbell Art Museum's Public Relations division in the museum’s new exhibition, The collection of Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass. Lopez's contributions include preparation efforts for the museum's press preview on Feb. 26.