Student Awards and Accomplishments

Posted 9-11-2015 by Marti Harvey

Former UTA Radio station manager Jessica Stroud, 2015 BCMN, won the grand prize for Best Radio Personality at the 2015 South Central Broadcasting Awards Regional Conference Oct. 2-3 at Texas Wesleyan University. The award is a regional competition that includes universities from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Stroud just completed a Technology Apprenticeship Program offered by the National Association of Broadcasters Educational Foundation. She now works for Cumulus Radio in Dallas as a remote engineer.

Communication 2305 students Brian Fuller and Kevin Mendez
produced “Javier the Juggler,” a YouTube news story about fellow student Javier Giribet-Vargas. The two wrote, produced and edited the video to highlight the exceptional talents of Giribet-Vargas. The story can be found at

Jeremy Schack, CTEC, will livestream 2015 UTA Movin’ Mavs basketball games at He will livestream the Oct. 24 game and tournaments on Nov. 6-8, Nov. 13-15 and Dec. 4-6. In September he completed a YouTube video titled “A World in Motion: Jason Rainey” about an Iraq War veteran who joined the team this year. The video can be found at