Dr. Dustin Harp on Media Coverage of Hillary Clinton

Posted 6-21-2016 by Marti Harvey

Media and gender studies expert Assistant Professor Dustin Harp, JOUR, examined the issue in “Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Hearing Coverage: Political Competence, Authenticity, and the Persistence of the Double Bind,” which appears online in the June issue of Women’s Studies in Communication. In her timely paper, Harp investigated the ways in which gender played a role in the more recent discourse.

Harp’s research suggests recent media coverage has improved in regard to gender equality in the political area, but the conversations still employ stereotypical feminine frames, including questioning Clinton’s proficiency as a leader.

Harp undertook the new study with Ingrid Bachmann, assistant professor of communications at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, and Jaime Loke, assistant professor of journalism at the University of Oklahoma.