UTA, UNT, Univision Dallas and KUVN Team Up

Posted 9-14-2016 by Marti Harvey

Students join Univision staff at their Dallas studio.
Students join Univision staff at their Dallas studio.

UTA News in Español, BCMN 4191, will participate in the third consecutive news partnership with Univision Dallas, KUVN and UNT.

The partnership, called “Projecto U will produce and air four Spanish-language television newscasts at the Univision Dallas studios in Downtown Dallas.

The program runs throughout the 2016 fall semester. UTA and UNT broadcast communication students will produce all newscasts and every student will have a professional mentor to train and advise them throughout the production process.

The newscasts will air on Univision, channel 23 on the following tentative dates: Sept. 24, Oct. 15, Oct. 29 and Nov. 19 at 5 p.m.

UTA’s participating students are Viridiana Martinez, BCMN 2016; MaritzaEsquivel, BCMN 2020; Alejandro Jimenez, BCMN 2020; Lariza Moreno, BCMN 2020; and Flor Valdes, BCMN 2016.

Here is a link to last year’s newscast

Written by Diamon Garza (JOUR 3347)