Journalism alumnus Cody Bahn signed on with the Houston Community Newspapers, affiliated with the Houston Chronicle Newspaper, as a photojournalist using skills he gained at UTA and its student newspaper, The Shorthorn.

Bahn graduated with a journalism degree in fall 2017. Since then, he used skills learned from working at The Shorthorn to work as a freelance photographer and full-time page designer before starting with Houston Community Newspapers.

“I started at my community college newspaper, took a year off between schools to work as a reporter in Rockport, Texas, and later went back to school where I stayed on with The Shorthorn,” Bahn said.

When Bahn transferred to UTA, he set his eyes on the paper and was hired onto the news desk in fall 2014. He worked at The Shorthorn for about three years.

Bahn worked as a reporter, an associate news editor, a photographer, multimedia editor, design editor and digital managing editor at The Shorthorn. He eventually made his way to the editor-in-chief position

“I don’t think there was a job in the newsroom he didn’t do,” Samantha Douty, The Shorthorn news editor and journalism senior, said.

Bahn said a lot of the work he did at The Shorthorn prepared him to edit quickly, balance multiple assignments and shoot photos with both print and website design in mind.

Bahn said some of the experience he gained from working at The Shorthorn could never be found in the classroom.

“A class assignment will rarely, if ever, teach you how to approach a grieving family member or friend, and it isn't something someone can tell you how to do,” he said. “You have to practice it.”

After graduating, Bahn said he freelanced for a few small newspapers in Indiana. He landed his first full-time job as a page designer for Lee Enterprises in March 2018.

Bahn said he enjoys being able to photograph different things every day and use the skills he worked hard to sharpen before graduating.

However, he says not having to juggle life, classes and work changes the dynamic.

“Now it's just life and work,” Bahn said. “So, in some ways I'm a lot more relaxed, but I do sometimes miss the craziness.”

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