UTA alumnus lands Dallas Morning News internship

Posted 12-7-2018 by Brian Horton

Daniel Carde, 2018 journalism alumnus, began a photography internship with the Dallas Morning News on Oct. 1.

The 12-week paid internship entails working with staff photographers to take pictures for daily assignments.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity to continue to develop my skills,” Carde said. “This is a great opportunity to meet [with] them, learn from them, listen to them and be critiqued by them.”

Carde got the internship after meeting the Dallas Morning News director of photography, Marcia Allert, in October 2017 at an event in downtown Dallas. According to Carde, Allert contacted him in September 2018 via phone call, and a couple of days later was offered the internship.

“I just lucked out on getting this internship,” Carde said. “This is just a great blessing that I don’t know how I got.”

After the internship, Carde said he wants to focus on conflict photography as a career.