Students garner publication bylines

Posted 8-26-2011 by Barrie Hill

Two United States veterans in Geoff Campbell’s Summer I Writing for Mass Media class were published in the July 4 edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The students, Amber Raymond and Wade Ishim, wrote feature stories about their experiences serving in the U.S. military for a classroom assignment.

“Amber built bombs aboard the USS Nimitz, and Wade ran Air Force convoys and did police work for the Air Force in Mosul and Baghdad. I thought they'd make a great July 4 package for the Star-Telegram, and the editorial page editor agreed,” Campbell explained.

Garnering a byline in a major metropolitan newspaper is an achievement.

“Even though I've written thousands of stories, I still get excited to see my byline, and I was ecstatic that my students got to enjoy the thrill,” Campbell said. “But perhaps more importantly, I was delighted that Amber and Wade were able to share their stories with a broad audience and provide a touching and poignant message for July Fourth.”

The students have also inspired their fellow classmates.

“Their experience getting published opened the eyes of other students to the power of the written word and the different avenues available to them to get published,” Campbell added.