Faculty member shares communication expertise

Posted 8-26-2011 by Barrie Hill

Communication Instructor Mike Putnam is sharing his skills outside the classroom this summer. In July, Putnam worked with the UTA McNair Scholars on strategic communication skills.

“I  provided instructional tips on organization and delivery of the special projects each of the students has been working on under the guidance of their faculty mentors,” said Putnam, who has been involved with the McNair Scholars for the past decade.

In addition, Putnam will be working with members of the Midwest section of the Texas American Planning Association (APA), a non-profit group of professional planners. The group provides city and community planners a forum for sharing information on planning, general professional development, legislation, law, ethics, etc.

Putnam will be discussing informative and persuasive strategies to help the planners better communicate with citizen groups regarding zoning cases and other community issues

“I enjoy interacting with the business community because it gives me a chance to see real-life problems and offer possible solutions,” Putnam said. “This kind of corporate and civic experience is easily translated to the classroom environment.”