Communication professors to receive faculty award

Posted 10-6-2011 by Barrie Hill

Department of Communication Chair Charla Markham Shaw, Professor Andrew Clark and Professor Sasha Grant have been selected as joint recipients of an Alicia Wilkerson Smotherman Faculty Award, made possible through the generosity of Thad and Alicia Smotherman.

The College of Liberal Arts award recognizes faculty whose research expertise and teaching abilities have inspired students to create work of exceptional merit which goes beyond the ordinary expectations for class assignments. Examples include creative, community or research projects resulting from teaching on the undergraduate and graduate levels. The primary criterion is the connection between the faculty member’s scholarly and creative abilities and their impact on the educational and professional development of students at UTA.

The Communication professors were nominated because of their work with students in developing a new master’s level course in Qualitative Research Methods, team-taught in three different qualitative methodologies. This course received an IEngage Seed Grant for Graduate Course Development and provided significant data for the Freshman Retention Initiative.

Recipients of Alicia Wilkerson Smotherman Faculty Awards will be recognized on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at an evening event held in the home of Thad and Alicia Smotherman.