Brittany Mikula: SUPER Internship

Posted 4-29-2011 by

Brittany Mikula, a double major in Advertising and Public Relations, landed a coveted two-week internship with Party Planners West, Inc., leading up to the Super Bowl.

"The internship allowed me to be a manager at NFL Experience, as well as attend the Super Bowl XLV to help manage events," Brittany said. "It allowed me to meet a lot of people in the area, and be around several famous athletes."

Not only did the internship allow Brittany to interact with many Dallas celebrities and sports figures, she learned a great deal about public relations from her experience.

"I realized how much I really want to do what I'm studying, and that it can be fun and stressful at the same time. I also met a lot of really great media people from all over the Metroplex and some from out of state," Brittany said. "I think that the most important thing I got out of this experience was learning how to execute thinking quickly on your toes and being the voice of reason, even when things get stressful."

In addition to her short-term internship, Brittany has a full semester internship with Strauss Marketing-BPPR. The company hosted the "Big Game Big Give" Super Bowl Party at Phil and Lillie Romano's estate in Dallas.