Faculty papers accepted

Posted 2-20-2012 by Chyng-Yang Jang

Several Department of Communication faculty members have had papers accepted for conference presentation in recent weeks.

Assistant Professor Dr. Mark Tremayne's study "Anatomy of Protest in the Digital Era: A Network Analysis of Twitter and Occupy Wall Street," has been selected for the International Communication Association conference in May, 2012.


Dr. Shelley Wigley has had the paper, "Breaking News Coverage: A Comparison of Sources used in the Coverage of the Shootings at Virginia Tech and Tucson, Arizona," accepted for presentation at the International Communication Association 2012 conference in Phoenix.

Journalism Professor Dr. Erika Pribanic-Smith won Top Faculty Paper in the History Division's research paper competition for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The paper will be presented at the annual southeast colloquium, taking place March 8-10 in Blacksburg, Va. The paper is entitled "'Political Demagogues and Over-zealous Partisans': Tariff of Abominations and Secession Rhetoric in the 1828 South Carolina Press."