American Advertising Federation - UTA Chapter

AAF Background

The American Advertising Federation (AAF), headquartered in Washington, D.C., acts as the “Unifying Voice for Advertising.” The AAF is the oldest national advertising trade association, representing 40,000 professionals in the advertising industry.

Through its 200-plus college chapters, the AAF provides 7,000 advertising students with real-world case studies and recruitment connections to corporate America.

Why an AAF College Chapter?

The AAF’s college chapter program gives you the chance to belong to a professional organization of students who have a curiosity about the world of advertising and a passionate desire to join the industry. An AAF college chapter provides you with the opportunity to:

    Have Fun
  • Meet new people, both on and off campus
  • Share ideas with other students and professionals
  • Develop and exercise your talent
  • Build and demonstrate your leadership skills
  • Enjoy your extracurricular college experience
  • Visit advertising-related businesses and the professionals who work in this exciting industry
  • Attend meetings of you local advertising federation to get a “feel” for the business
  • Attend the annual AAF Student Conference
  • Attend your district NSAC
  • Attend the NSAC finals at the AAF National Conference
  • Participate in Mosaic Career Fairs
    Access to Tools and Resources
  • Apply to win academic scholarships and grants
  • Receive discounts to services and products that help you stay current and successful in the industry
    Gain Recognition
  • Be recognized for your talent and leadership skills, within your chapter, across your district and even nationally
  • Have access to national recognition through AAF programs and internships
  • Participate in AAF-sponsored competitions and awards programs, including the student addY® awards
  • Pursue activities that build a portfolio and résumé hits
    Build Experience and Receive Professional Advice
  • Connect to advertising professionals
  • Receive professional advice on formatting your resumé, preparing for an interview and conducting yourself at work
  • Find internships
  • Build credibility for the time when you begin your job search