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Service Learning

The Department of Communication is committed to making sure students are engaged in the community and know the importance of making a difference on campus and off. Students in our classes take an active role, partnering with local businesses and non-profit organizations on a variety of projects. Our faculty has worked diligently to establish relationships with many municipal and corporate leaders, allowing our students to gain a "hands on" approach to their education. The students not only gain invaluable experience networking with industry professionals, they learn what it means to give back.

A few of our recent projects include:

Students in Dr. Shelley Wigley's PR Campaigns course have spent the spring semester developing a campaign plan for TXU Energy Aid, the largest bill-payment assistance program among electricity providers in the nation. For every $1 donated, TXU Energy contributes approximately $5 and returns 100 percent of the funds to the local communities to help customers pay electric bills.

Students in Dr. Luis Lopez-Preciado’s Advertising Campaigns Class worked with the UTA Faculty Club to design and implement an advertising campaign for the campus eatery. Two students continued the project by completing an internship with the company.

Each semester, Suzy Nead’s Group Communication students collect donations on behalf of numerous local non-profit organizations. Recent projects have benefitted many groups including the Arlington Animal Shelter, Children's Medical Center in Dallas, The American Red Cross, 4 the Troops, as well as local churches, schools and senior citizens centers.

In the Department of Communication, we are moving learning from the classroom to the community.

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