Meet Our Graduates

Vidisha Bhopatkar

Vidisha Bhopatkar

2012 Graduate, Content Writer

The interactive coursework not only made me confident about my knowledge and abilities, but it also taught me to ask the right questions from a research standpoint.
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After completing her Bachelor’s Degree and Post-Graduate Diploma from India, Vidisha enrolled in the Communication program at UTA in 2010. The program was a perfect fit for her, both in terms of the courses it offered and for the kind of attention and support the faculty and staff provided its graduate students.

The educational environment at UTA was completely different from any I had experienced before. The interactive coursework not only made me confident about my knowledge and abilities, but it also taught me to ask the right questions from a research standpoint.

Vidisha admires the faculty of the program for its commitment and enthusiasm towards imparting the best of knowledge which has enabled her to reach her career goals, both academically and professionally.

Kristy Phillips

Kristy Phillips

2012 Graduate, Admissions Counselor, Washington State University Tri-Cities

What attracted me to UTA’s M.A. in Communication program was the versatility of tailoring my plan of study to fit by interests.
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Currently I am an admissions counselor for Washington State University Tri-Cities. In my current profession I specifically outreach to prospective freshman and graduate applicants. By earning my M.A. in Communication from UTA, I have been able to build stronger communication plans that target a specific audience. Through coursework at UTA I have strengthen my skillset at defining target audiences and identifying key messages to tailor to various audiences. I am confident in developing written communication plans and presenting to small and large audiences the benefits of pursing an education at this university.

The coursework exposed me to the importance of academic research within the field of communication. At first I was set on the non-thesis track, but after working with faculty in the program I was exposed to a side of educational research I never explored before. By having supportive faculty and thesis committee, I now plan on furthering my research and pursuing a higher level of education in the future.

I was recommended to apply to UTA by one of my undergraduate professors and was encouraged to explore options outside of my home state of California. What attracted me to UTA’s M.A. in Communication program was the versatility of tailoring my plan of study to fit by interests. By only having three require courses, I was able to focus on taking courses that held value to my academic and professional goals.

UTA also has the opportunity for students to develop professionally and not solely academically in the classroom. By working as the Graduate Recruiting Assistant for the Graduate School, I was introduced to a new career path I never thought of taking. This opportunity led me to where I am today, working in the field of higher education.

Emily Stafford

Emily Stafford

2013 Graduate, Communication MA, Sabre Corporation

My UTA Master’s degree in Communication is clearly recognized as a valuable professional asset.
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My UTA Master’s degree in Communications is clearly recognized as a valuable professional asset. This became even more apparent as regional corporate recruiters sought me out even prior to completion of my degree.

Moving from San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth was a great fit for me to pursue a Master’s because of the exposure to a robust corporate-based career development environment. Flexible and challenging internship opportunities in the DFW area, which are also integrated into UTA’s degree plans, were a very attractive feature to me, which turned out to be invaluable. Furthermore, my professors were fully dedicated to my education, professional development, and personal growth that provided me with an incredible experience of which I am extremely grateful for!

Siobhan Flowers

Siobhan Flowers

2008 Graduate, Adjunct Professor, Tarrant County College and Lead Counselor, Mansfield Independent School District

I graduated with greater self-confidence and new skills.
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A full-time Fort Worth ISD teacher and certified life coach, Siobhan's love for writing and communication attracted her to the Communication master's program at UTA.

The strong faculty, affordable cost and great location made UTA my #1 choice.

Siobhan has also worked as a news reporter/anchor for an ABC affiliate in central Texas and as a media and marketing specialist in the corporate world.

Michele Moore

Michele (Moore) Duhen

2007 Graduate, Account Manager at Text 100

The master's degree program at UTA really helped me position myself as a serious communications professional.
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Michele knows that having a master's degree produces long-term results. While at UTA, she took a variety of courses in marketing and communications to help advance her career at a premier Boston-based public relations agency specializing in high tech industries.

I loved that only two core courses were required for the program while the rest were electives. By giving each student a tailor-made program suited to their personal needs and career goals, you are helping to ensure success for everyone who graduates.

Mihai Moscovici

Mihai Moscovici

2008 Graduate, Chief Operating Officer at Propeople

A great experience.
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Now living in the Republic of Moldova, Mihai came to UTA in search of the right program to advance his professional career growth.

The MA in communication not only contributed to my academic growth, but it also widened my opportunities for better employment and better income.

Since graduation, Mihai has used his knowledge in conducting research, designing websites and building social connections to discover new things.

Alexis Parish

Alexis Parrish

2009 Graduate, Human Resources Manager

The research I performed and issues I studied helped me make more well-informed, insightful decisions.
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After moving back to the Dallas-Fort Worth area from Houston, TX Alexis decided to attend UTA and enrolled in communication master's program.

It had the most flexibility with electives and allowed me to segue into the field that I wanted -- Human Resources.

Alexis credits the program's faculty and ability to customize courses to match her particular area of interest, as the launching pad for her career success.

Danny Woodward

Daniel Woodward

2005 Graduate, Special Assistant for Executive Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University

Now I can see the big picture.
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As a Communication Assistant to the President of UT Arlington, Daniel says his love for UTA, the convenience of the program and top-notch faculty led his decision to enroll in the communication master's program.

The graduate program taught me how to apply things I learned in the classroom to my daily work.

The discipline and skills Daniel gained from the program allowed him to not only excel at the task at hand, but the ability to handle big-picture projects.

Orison Yuen

Orison Yuen

2008 Graduate, Packaging Development Manager for RadioShack

It was like another family outside of my regular life.
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After finishing her bachelors' degree at UTA, Orison decided to purse a master's degree in communication at the University as well.

I really appreciated the low student-to-teacher ratio and the variety of interesting courses the program had to offer.

Now Orison says her problem-solving and organizational skills are as strong as her counterparts with 10 plus years of experience.