Major in Advertising

Sell Something!

I learned in the creative field, there's no finish line. To get ahead you have to keep learning. Stay curious. Keep pushing - for me that started at UTA.
Jimmy Ball, '90

Smart Phones. Magazines. Newspapers. Outdoor Boards. Television. Radio. Direct Mail. The Internet. Tablets. Advertising is all around us everyday. It is an integral part of the economy. In the Advertising sequence students learn the art of persuasion.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Mad Man?

The field of advertising is exciting and ever-changing. UTA's Advertising major prepares students for all aspects of the advertising business, both in traditional and digital practices. Here are some of the careers students can pursue:

  • Media Buying and Placing
  • Creative Jobs
  • Advertising Sales
  • Account Executive
  • Marketing Research

All majors in Advertising are required to take Writing for Mass Media, Communication Theory, Communication Technology and Communication Law and Ethics. In addition, they must take Introduction to Advertising and Introduction to Public Relations.

Once in the major, students can look forward to taking:

  • Communication Graphics
  • Advertising Media
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Case Studies
  • Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns
  • Strategic Communication I (Creative & Copy
  • Strategic Communication II (Creative Visual Communication

Students' coursework will culminate in the Advertising and IMC Campaigns course, where they will use everything they have learned in all of their classes as they develop and ad campaign for a client.

We have had many students, upon reaching upper division status, intern at ad agencies, radio stations, graphic design firms and more. AAF Student Chapter, UTA's student advertising club, ad agency tours, special guest speakers, and other events and programming help Advertising majors network with those in the industry.

We look forward to helping you learn more about us!