Major in Public Relations

Speak Out!

No matter what your dream PR job is, UT-Arlington has someone who has been there, done that and who is willing to help you get there.
Jared Chism, '11

In today's media crazy marketplace, where every misstep of an individual or company is tweeted, posted and instantaneously available to the world via the Internet, Public Relations practitioners are often the most important and visible faces of their corporations and organizations. UT-Arlington's Public Relations (PR) major prepares students to speak out in this often chaotic and exciting area.

Learn What it Takes to be a PR Practitioner!

UTA's Public Relations major combines theoretical and practical education to prepare students to work in the PR industry. PR practitioners can choose to work in a major corporation, a trade group, a health organization, an consulting firm, the government, or a nonprofit, religious or educational organization.

Coursework in PR uses a "hands-on" approach to develop skills and insight. All majors are required to take Writing for Mass Media, Communication Theory, Communication Technology and Communication Law and Ethics. In addition, they must take Introduction to PR and Introduction to Advertising.

Once in the major, students will study:

  • PR Methods
  • PR Management
  • PR Case Studies
  • Plus other electives and classes

A student's coursework culminates in the PR Campaigns course. This course offers students a chance to use everything they have learned in all of their classes as they develop a campaign for a client.

The Public Relations sequence provides students with valuable internship opportunities in the large Dallas-Fort Worth market, preparing students in many cases for an excellent job immediately following graduation.

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