University of Texas at Arlington

Department of Communication

Communication Technology

Majoring in Communication Technology will prepare you for a career in Web design, organizational Web management, on-line communication networks, and a wide variety of Internet applications in marketing, business, and education.

This program integrates communication theory and hands-on experience to guide your study of Internet Communication. You will master the mechanics of scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the context of visual effects, ease of use, and compliance with copyright law. You will develop the expertise to interact with the Web and its users to create appropriate and effective messages suited to the medium.

A primary goal is to produce communication professionals who know how to learn software applications on their own. We will introduce you to major Web-related software currently used in the marketplace, and we will teach you to think critically and evaluate new technologies as they appear in the future.

Course Sequence for Communication Technology Majors

In addition to general requirements for the degree Bachelor of Arts in Communication, students take 39 hours in the CTEC specialization.

The CTEC curriculum will develop your skills progressively over a period of two years or more. Prerequisites ensure that the curriculum is followed logically. The following course sequence is strongly recommended for Comm Tech students. For current course descriptions, please check the university catalog or myMav system.

General Core Requirements

Departmental Core

  • COMM 2315 Communication Theory 3
  • COMM 3300 Communication Technology 3
  • COMM 3310 Communication Law and Ethics 3

Courses in the Major

  • JOUR 1345 Writing for Mass Media 3
  • COMS 2302 Professional and Technical Communication for Science and Engineering 3
  • CTEC 2350 Web Communication Design and Development 1 3
  • COMM 3303 Communication Graphics 3
  • CTEC 3320 Multimodal Communication and Design 3
  • CTEC 3350 Web Communication Design and Development 2 3
  • CTEC 4309 Internet Marketing Communication 3
  • CTEC 4321 or CTEC 4323 Digital Communication Management || User Experience Design and Research 3
  • CTEC 4350 Web Communication Design and Development 3 3