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UTS180 Conflicts of Interest

Welcome to UTA's New Outside Activity Online Portal

The Portal is hosted by UT System to implement UTA’s policy addressing employee outside activities and interests. The can be found in the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 5, Section 5-508.

Log on to the Portal to make required UTS180 disclosures for calendar year 2013. The reporting requirements for the Outside Activity Portal apply to the following employees:

  • All Faculty
  • All Administrative and Professional Staff
  • All Classified Exempt Staff
  • Any other employees if they are authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the University or who because of their job duties at the University have authority to exercise discretion with regard to the award of contracts or other financial transactions. 
  • Any other employees where a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment may exist

 The due date for finalizing disclosures for the 2013 calendar year is March 26, 2014

 If you do not have anything to disclose you do not have to enter the Portal.

In addition to the disclosure function, the Portal has functions to request approvals for outside employment and outside board service.  We will use the approval functions of the new Portal on a going forward basis only beginning April 1, 2014.   Any outside employment and outside board service previously approved via the web-based application for Form 3-19 for 2013-2014 should not be re-approved through the Portal.     

Please note the following:  

  1. The online application is best viewed in Internet Explorer v.9 or later.
  2. The online application does NOT work on an iPad or Android Tablet
  3. The Portal times out after 10 minutes of inactivity, so save your work frequently.
  4. The Portal may be unavailable between 8 pm to 10 pm each evening for UT System to make updates to the portal.
  5. Some of the data collected will be posted on a publicly searchable website in accordance with policy. Information regarding family members will not be publicly disclosed.

Portal URL:

Make a disclosure

Policy Q&A: The Policy Q&A explains who needs to make these disclosures and what needs to be disclosed. Training Tool: A step by step tutorial on how to complete and finalize a disclosure.