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National Hazing Prevention Week September 22-26, 2014

Every year in September, the University of Texas at Arlington works via a cross campus partnership to showcase a week of programming and education in conjunction with National Hazing Prevention Week. The goal is to prevent hazing through strong educational efforts on campus and within all organizations. 

This year will feature a These hands don't haze campaign in partnership with the Maverick Way ideal of Respect & Civility.  It is important that all community members realize that acts of hazing demonstrate a lack of respect for the space, thoughts, and feelings of others.

National Hazing Prevention Week will take place September 22nd - 26th.  Students have the opportunity to indicate that their hands don't haze by signing or hand stamping this year's banner.  The banner will be accessible at the MAC on Monday the 22nd from 11:00am- 1:00pm and outside the University Center Tuesday the 23rd through Friday the 26th from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Our feature event will occur on Wednesday the 24th.  There will be a showing of the documentary Haze produced by the Gordie Foundation at 5:00pm in the Lonestar Auditorium located in the MAC. We are very excited that new Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Timothy Quinnan will be a featured speaker at the event.  Popcorn, candy and drinks will be free for attendants; however due to the graphic nature of the documentary small children will be prohibited.

Additionally, students can participate in the online national conversation by using the hashtag #40ANSWERS.  

Learn more about National Hazing Prevention Week by visiting

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