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Hazing Prevention Week October 3rd - October 7th

The Division of Student Affairs presents “Theses Hands Don’t Haze”. Every year the University of Texas at Arlington partners with students and staff to showcase a week of programming and education geared towards providing students with a strong foundation on recognizing hazing and how they can respond as a positive bystander. Hazing Prevention Week will take place October 3rd thru October 6th with events in the University Center. Students will have the opportunity to sign a banner supporting anti-hazing efforts, experience an interactive exhibit in the UC Art Gallery and a free lunch and learn. There will also be free giveaways throughout the week. 

Our feature event will occur on Thursday October 6th 12:30pm - 1:30pm in Palo Duro, located in the University Center. There will be free lunch and the event is open to UTA students and staff. Join us as we disucss hazing incidents and participate in open an open dialouge on what we can do as a community. 

Event Days and Locations: 

October 3rd - October 6th: UC Student Art Exhibt, 11am - 1pm, UC Art Gallery

October 3rd - October 6th: Banner signing, 11am - 1pm, Outside of UC Art Gallery

October 6th: Lunch and Learn, 12:30pm - 1pm, Palo Duro Lounge 

Learn more about National Hazing Prevention Week by visiting

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