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About the College of Nursing and Health Innovation

About - College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Anne Bavier
Dr. Anne R. Bavier
Dean and Professor

Welcome to the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, a center of excellence in health care education and research.

This is an exciting time for the College.

In the last decade, the College has experienced steady growth. Enrollment now hovers at more than 25,000 - bigger than many large and mid-sized universities. We are one of the nation’s largest producers of registered nurses and by far the largest in the State of Texas. We offer a comprehensive range of academic programs, including athletic training and  public health. In the last couple of years we have introduced a doctoral degree in kinesiology, a full-fledged undergraduate degree in public health and a post-graduate certificate in public health. We now offer many of our undergraduate and graduate programs online.

Despite our size, we have maintained our rich tradition as a caring, intimate community. Our faculty and administrators work diligently to ensure student success through manageable class sizes, small group sizes and a Student Success Center.  We recognize that caring is the cornerstone of the work of health care professionals, from the nurses who bolster the hopes of patients while treating them to the athletic trainers who help steer athletes from debilitating injuries. Caring manifests itself in every aspect of how we operate as a college.

We also recognize that advancing human health means pairing our students with some of the world’s finest scientists who are working to find solutions to an array of health care challenges, including cancer, bone disease, heart disease and more. That’s why in the last several years, we have recruited many of the nation’s top health care scholars to join our faculty. Their presence adds cache to our College and to the University and has helped attract millions of dollars in research grants in the last couple of years.  Their presence is not only transforming health care but the way our students approach their chosen professions.

We invite you to scour our website. Check out our wide variety of academic programs as well as our latest annual report, which offers considerable data validating our standing as a center of excellence.

And while you’re at it, learn how you can become a part of this amazing community.

Anne Bavier, RN, PhD, FAAN – Dean