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MS in Athletic Training Application Materials and Admissions Requirements

Prospective students wishing to apply to the Athletic Training Program are encouraged to contact Dr. Paul Krawietz (Advisor and Director, Athletic Training Program) before you begin the application process to introduce yourself and to communicate your intent to apply to the MSAT program.

Application Materials

  1. Read this First: MSAT Program Pre-Admission Procedures
  2. MSAT Program Application for Admission
  3. MSAT Program Clinical Observation Log Sheet
  4. MSAT Program Applicant Recommendation Form
  5. MSAT Technical Standards for Admission and Acknowledgement

Admission Requirements

Official admission requirements for the MSAT program are described in the University Catalog for Department of Kinesiology Graduate Programs.

Note about the term "Unconditional": The term Unconditional below refers to the ability of a student to enter the MSAT program without additional academic requirements, in other words, "no additional conditions." The UTA MSAT program uses a secondary-selection admissions process: admission to the MSAT program is determined by the MSAT faculty and is based on a student's application materials and interview. There is no "automatic" entry mechanism that guarantees acceptance into the MSAT program.

Requirements for students entering during AY 18-19:

Unconditional Admission
  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or related field)
  • Admission to UTA
  • Submission of GRE scores (the following scores are preferred but not required: Verbal – 150 [450], Math – 141 [450])
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or 3.0 GPA during the last 60 hours of undergraduate work
  • Completion of Graduate Athletic Training Application
  • Interview with MSAT Admissions Committee
  • Completed Technical Standards Forms
  • Physical Exam and Immunization Records (including Hepatitis B)
  • Current Health Care Provider CPR Certification (AHA)
  • Three letters of reference on file
  • Application Deadline of October 1st or February 1st
Probationary Admission

Applicants failing to meet the unconditional admission criteria may be considered for probationary admission, in which case the following additional criteria will also be considered by the MSAT Admissions Committee:

  • Professionally relevant experience
  • A sample of technical writing may be requested
  • Applicants admitted on probation will be required to maintain a B or better average during their first 12 hours of graduate study
Required Prerequisites (grade of C or better)
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II
  • Anatomical Kinesiology or Functional Anatomy or Applied Kinesiology
  • Physiology of Exercise
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Students are also required to submit documentation that they have completed at least 50 hours of clinical observation in an athletic training setting
Preferred Prerequisites (grade of C or better)
  • Basic Athletic Training Course (e.g. Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries)
  • Physics I
  • Chemistry I
  • Medical Terminology