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Nursing Administration Program

Program Director: Cynthia Plonien, DNP, RN, CENP
For additional information, please contact the CONHI Advising Office.

Nursing Administration Degree Plan

The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing can prepare you for a career as a nurse manager. The Master of Science in Nursing Administration (MSN) incorporates contemporary management theory and core competencies, enabling our graduates to function in a variety of healthcare settings.

The MSN in Nursing Administration program builds on a foundation of undergraduate nursing education and practical experience. Our graduates gain advanced knowledge and skills to function in leadership and management roles in the constantly changing healthcare environment.

Online Program also available, see: Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Administration Online.  To speak to an enrollment specialist about this online program, click here to request information.

MSN in Nursing Administration
Course List
Course Number Title Description Length Prerequisites: Credit Hours Clinical Hours
Total Semester Credit Hours: 36
Total Clinical Hours: 90
NURS 5327 Exploration of Science and Theories for Nursing A critical examination of philosophical and theoretical bases for nursing. 5 weeks - 3 -
NURS 5366 Principles of Research in Nursing Integration of theoretical and empirical principles of nursing research to generate evidence for nursing practice.
(Previously NURS 5301)
5 weeks - 3 -
NURS 5367 Evidence-Based Practice Preparation to lead evidence-based practice teams, to interpret best evidence, to plan for change, to evaluate outcomes, and to disseminate the project.
(Previously NURS 5328)
5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5366,
NURS 5327
3 -
NURS 5311 Nursing Management Considers development of management and organizational theories as applied to health care organizations and their environment. 5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5367
3 -
NURS 5343 Nursing Leadership Analyze leadership strategies in current and predicted health care systems including dimensions of workforce and workplace issues, leadership, and evidence-based decision making. 5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5367
3 -
NURS 5341 Financial Management in Nursing Analyze and apply financial management concepts to financial planning, budgeting, and reimbursement systems in health care. 5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5311
3 45
Project Hours
NURS 5342 Management of Nursing Operations Examine strategic planning for health care systems. 5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5311
3 -
NURS 5308 Nursing Informatics Focus on application of computer technology that supports the dissemination of health care data, information and knowledge. Selected software packages/applications are presented and used. 5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5308
3 -
NURS 5382 Nursing and Health Care Policy Analyze historical, current, and predicted national, state, and local health care policy processes. 5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5367
3 -
NURS 5339 Roles of the Nurse Administrator Examine and implement administrative and managerial roles in health care organizations. 5 weeks Yes:
NURS 5311
3 90
Project Hours
NURS 5340 Management Seminar and Practice Synthesize management, organizational and leadership concepts and theories in selected healthcare settings. 10 weeks Yes:
All previous courses,
GPA 3.0
3 90
Project Hours
Electives: Pick one out of NURS 5310, 5302, or 5388
NURS 5310 Teaching/Learning Strategies Teaching/learning theories, strategies, and evaluations for educators. 5 weeks Yes:
Grad. Standing
3 -
NURS 5302 Curriculum Development Explore the nature of nursing education. Focus on the curriculum process and its application to nursing education programs. 5 weeks Yes:
Grad. Standing
3 -
NURS 5388 Statistics Previously NURS 6390 5 weeks Yes:
Grad. Standing
3 -
Nursing Administration Certification

The Nursing Administration Certification plan consists of the following courses from the MSN plan:

  • NURS 5311
  • NURS 5341
  • NURS 5339
  • NURS 5340
Workloads and Time Commitments

We strongly recommend that all students consider their work schedules and commitments in light of the demands of a graduate program, and to be prepared to adjust workloads accordingly. In general, for every one graduate nursing credit hour of enrollment a student should budget five hours for work outside of class. So, for example, a 3-credit-hour class could reasonably be expected to require a 15-hour time commitment per week plus the time needed for class/clinical sessions.

Nursing Administration Study Area Courses

Nursing Management in the Health Care Environment (N5311) focuses on the study of health care organizations in relation to the complex systems in today's society. Health policy issues are presented and discussed in Nursing and Health Care Policy (N5382). Economics and financial management are topics in Financial Management (N5341) while Management of Nursing Operations (N5342) concentrates on strategies for organizational planning and performance. Management Seminar and Practice (N5340) emphasizes the study of leadership and organizational behavior in the health care arena.

Practice Component Courses

Management of practice in an organizational setting is an integral part of Roles and Functions (N5339) of the Nurse Administrator as is Management Seminar and Practice (N5340). The practice component is individualized to the student's experiential background and career goals.