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PhD Nursing - Curriculum

Full-time MSN to PhD Course Sequence
Year Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
1 NURS 6301 (Morning)
NURS 6308 (Afternoon)
NURS 6303 (Morning)
NURS 6310 (Afternoon)
Diagnostic Evaluation
(See Additional Requirements Below)
2 NURS 6302 (Morning)
NURS 6319 (Afternoon)
NURS 6304 (Morning)
NURS 6318 (Afternoon)
(See Additional Requirements Below)
3 NURS 6306 (Morning)
NURS 6382 (Afternoon)
NURS 6305 (Morning)
NURS 6321 (Afternoon)
Comprehensive Exam
(See Additional Requirements Below)
Additional Requirements - See Below

In Addition: 

  • Research Practicum to be scheduled during one of the 2nd or 3rd year semesters or during the summer.
  • Diagnostic Evaluation will take place at the end of the first year of coursework.
  • Comprehensive Examination will take place during the final semester of coursework.
  • Students will take a minimum of 9 hours of Dissertation beginning in the semester after the comprehensive exam is passed.

BSN-to-PhD Course Sequence

Students accepted into the BSN-to-PhD entry option will work with an advisor to develop individualized degree plans based on their career goals and research interests. Students will complete 12 hours of core Master's courses and an additional 10-18 hours of Master's coursework based on their area of focus.

 Course Names

By Course Number Order; 
For Course Sequences See Above!

NURS 6301: Theoretical Evolution in Science (3-0)
NURS 6302: Issues in Studying Health of Culturally Diverse and Vulnerable Populations (3-0)
NURS 6303: Culture of Science (3-0)
NURS 6304: Measurement in Culturally Diverse and Vulnerable Populations   (3-0)
NURS 6305: Qualitative Research (3-0)
NURS 6306: Research Design (3-0)
NURS 6308: Research Seminar (3-0)
NURS 6310: Proposal Development Seminar (3-0)
NURS 6318: Parametric Statistics for Healthcare Research (3-0)
NURS 6319: Psychometric and Nonparametric Statistics for Healthcare Research (3-0)
NURS 6321: Epidemiology (3-0)
NURS 6370: Independent Study: Research Practicum (0-3)
NURS 6382: Health Care Policy
NURS 6399 Dissertation, 3 Hours
NURS 6699 Dissertation, 6 Hours 
NURS 6999 Dissertation, 9 Hours