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Developmental Motor Cognition Laboratory

Lab Director

Dr. Priscila Caçola

Dr. Priscila Caçola
Assistant Professor,
Department of Kinesiology

About the DMC Lab

The Developmental Motor Cognition Laboratory conducts research in motor development and motor cognition in infants and children. You can see an overview of our studies on Research Gate ( We are always recruiting for our studies, and we welcome new participants every day! There are a lot of benefits of participating in our research studies, so if you are interested then please contact us for details. We also promote a group intervention program for children with low motor ability, the Little Mavs Movement Academy.

Specifically, our lab focuses on the links between cognitive and motor behavior across the lifespan, with particular emphasis on how motor and space representations develop and how problems associated with those representations cause motor skill difficulties in vulnerable populations (e.g., children with low motor ability and the elderly). I am also particularly interested in how the environment contributes to motor skill development in infants. My work has significant practical implications for the development of screening, diagnostic, and intervention protocols associated with motor skills and vulnerable populations.

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The DMC Lab (

Little Mavs Movement Academy

The DMC Lab hosts the Little Mavs Movement Academy, a free group motor skill intervention program designed to improve motor skills of 4- to 16-year old children and adolescents with movement/coordination difficulties.

Get more information by exploring the LMMA website (click or tap here).

Interest Areas

Motor Development in Childhood
  • Low motor ability (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
  • Motor skill interventions
  • Affordances in the Home Environment for Motor Development
Motor Cognition Across the Lifespan
  • Action and space representation in children and older adults
  • Tool use in children and older adults

For More Information

For more information on screening, research, and intervention with children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia/Dysgraphia/Low motor ability), please contact Dr. Caçola.

Testing in the DMC Lab