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Graduate Nursing Program Advisors

Please use the TimeTrade links below to directly book your appointment with your advisor.

Nursing Master's Level Advisors and Degree Evaluators

Note About MSN Advising Procedures: All MSN students are expected to review and understand the advising procedures published on this page. Click or tap here to jump to the Advising Procedures and Requirements.


Please read these choices in order as they will route you to the correct advisor.

  1. All Post-MSN Certification Students:
    Please contact Ms. Lisa Rose (contact information below).
  2. All Neonatal Practitioner MSN Students:
    Please contact Ms. Luena Wilson (contact information below).
  3. All other Master's Level Nursing Students:
    Please contact any advisor in the table below:
Graduate Nursing Advisors - Master's Level
Assigned Program
Master's Level Nursing
Program Advisors
Email TimeTrade Links
Click or Tap to Schedule
Graduate Nursing Advisors - Master's Level
Post-Cert students Ms. Lisa Rose In-Person Phone Call
NNP MSN Students Ms. Luena Wilson In-Person Phone Call
Ms. Adrienne Ballard In-Person Phone Call
  Ms. Starlett Mitchell In-Person Phone Call
Ms. Timara Spivey In-Person Phone Call
Ms. Caitlin Wade In-Person Phone Call

Nursing Doctoral Level Programs

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Last Name
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Program Advisor
Email TimeTrade Links
Click or Tap to Schedule
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
(all) Ms. Adrienne Ballard In-Person Phone Call
PhD in Nursing
Last Name Letterset Program Assistant Email
Nursing PhD and BSN to PhD
(all) Ms. Vivian Lail-Davis
Graduate Nursing Degree Plan Evaluators
Degree Plan Evaluators
Programs Served Name Email
Campus Based MSN Ms. Stephanie Neal
AO MSN, DNP Ms. Kimberly Orcutt
AO MSN, DNP Ms. Danielle Rugg
Picture of Student Nurses

Advising Requirements for MSN Nursing Students

Students in the MSN program are welcome to meet with an advisor. Once admitted to UT Arlington, students may enroll in their coursework using the degree plan provided by the academic advisor and proceed to registration. Students are encouraged to contact their advisor with any questions. Information related to courses, registration and drops, and academic standing is provided when students are first contacted by an advisor. It is imperative that students read and keep this information for future reference. Most advising is handled via e-mail. However, students may schedule a phone or face-to-face appointment with an advisor by clicking the TimeTrade scheduling link for their assigned academic advisor.

Who Is My Advisor?

Students who have been admitted to the MSN program: You will be advised by a CONHI advisor; refer to the table above to find your advisor.
Prospective students: prospective students may meet with a nursing advisor in person after making an appointment; see above for phone and email contacts for scheduling.

Meeting in person with your MSN Advisor

There are two options available to meet with your advisor:

  1. Schedule an Appointment: Schedule an Appointment by clicking the TimeTrade scheduling link for your assigned advisor.
  2. Walk-In without an appointment. Please make note of the following procedures for Walk-ins:
    • Check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. in the CONHI Office of Enrollment and Student Services (the advising area) at 4:30pm. You will need to sign in with your UTA ID number.
    • Your appointment will be scheduled based on advisor availability. Appointments are scheduled 30 minutes in advance.
    • Be on time! If you are not present at your scheduled time slot you will lose your chance to meet with an advisor.

Before your appointment:

  1. Have a list of questions prepared to ask your advisor.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your program information, and your current progress in your program.
  3. If you have not viewed your degree plan, check your MyMav Student Center > Nursing Degree Plan
  4. Make arrangements to be on time to your advising appointment. Students who are more than ten minutes late will be rescheduled.