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Master's Hooding Ceremony and Advanced Certificate Recognition

About the Event

The College of Nursing and Health Innovation recognizes the achievements of our Master's graduation candidates in a hooding ceremony. The Master's Hooding Ceremony is separate from commencement to allow ample time for recognitions and to keep the ceremony at an enjoyable length of time for students and their guests.

We would also like to recognize our Post-Master's Certificate graduate students. You will not be hooded, as you were previously hooded when you received your Master's, but you will receive an unofficial certificate at the ceremony until your official one is received and processed by the Graduate Nursing Department.

About the Spring 2018 Ceremony

Registration is required (see section below).

Date for the Spring 2018 Master's Hooding Ceremony and Advanced Certificate Recognition: Thursday, May 10, 2018 (Same day as graduation)

Participant Arrival Time: Will be announced when ceremony details have been finalized.

Ceremony Start Time: 1 PM

Location: Bluebonnet Ballroom, UTA University Center


Please follow these directions carefully or you may receive a parking citation.

Parking Permits: Anyone parking on the UTA campus must either have a valid UTA parking permit -or- register their vehicle for the event. Further details and a link for parking will be provided after venue details have been finalized.

Printable UTA Map: Click or tap here for a printable UTA Map.


Form: will be posted after all details for the Spring 2018 ceremony have been finalized.

Registration Deadline: Will be announced when available.

Guest Limit: Will be announced when available.

Contact: Rose Olivier, or E. Monee' Carter-Griffin, Associate Chair, can be contacted in case of any questions or concerns.

Instructions for Participants

Required Attire: Master's and Certificate candidates are required to wear full academic regalia during the ceremony and are responsible for obtaining their own regalia. These items (caps, tassels, cords, hoods, gowns) will not be available at the event! Regalia can be obtained through the UTA Bookstore: - follow the links to Graduation and then Caps, Gowns, and More.

  • Master's Candidates: Bring your hood with you but do not wear it going into the ceremony: it will be placed upon you as part of the ceremony itself.
  • Advanced Certificate Candidates: You may wear your hood into the ceremony, as you were previously hooded when you earned your Master’s degree.
  • DNP and PhD graduation candidates are hooded during the Commencement Ceremony.

DO NOT BRING: Purses, coats, wallets, valuables of any kind as we cannot be responsible for any items left at your seat.  Please leave these items with family/friends.

Guest arrival time: 30 minutes before ceremony.

Guest seating: Seating will be limited due to venue capacity. The number of permitted guests per graduate will be announced when venue details have been finalized.

Photographer: There will be a professional photographer taking photos, which you can purchase at a later date.  Information will be available at the ceremony.   

Late arrivals: If you arrive late, you may be grouped with the last group of students processing. Please, arrive early and allow for traffic issues. We will start lining-up 15 minutes prior to the ceremony.

Refreshments: We will not be serving refreshments at this event; be sure to eat before you come.

About the Academic Hood

A traditional component of American academic regalia, the hood represents the type and subject of the degree earned and the institution from which it was awarded. Master's hoods are 3.5 feet in length, while doctoral hoods are 4 feet in length. All hoods are worn about the neck in the front, draping in the back.

Students graduating from UTA with a degree in nursing (MSN, DNP) have a hood trimmed in apricot. Kinesiology students sport a sage green trim. All PhD candidates, regardless of subject specialization, have hoods trimmed in dark blue. The subject-area colors are shared by convention by the majority of American universities. Hoods earned at UTA are lined in white and orange, representative of our school colors.

Different universities have different traditions concerning hoods. For our Master's Hooding Ceremony, each Program Director will hood the students that they oversaw in their programs.

Doctoral candidates, both DNP and PhD, are traditionally hooded during the Commencement Ceremony, usually by the student's supervising professor, representing the happy conclusion of their journey together through the academic program and publicly recognizing the candidate's mastery of their discipline of study.

This section contains material adapted from Wikipedia: