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The College of Nursing and Health Innovation is proud to recognize those students who are reaching the successful end of their academic programs. We celebrate your achievement through several events and ceremonies.

Applying for Graduation

Students who are completing or scheduled to complete the academic requirements of their degree are required to inform the University of their intent to graduate by Applying for Graduation. In order for your degree to be conferred, you must apply for graduation. Degrees are conferred only after the student has successfully met their academic, financial, and other university obligations.


The formal, public ceremony held to recognize and congratulate degree candidates, held every May and December.

Latin Honors

Information on requirements for Latin Honors can be found clicking or tapping here. Latin Honors are automatically awarded. Please use the website to determine if you meet the Latin Honors requirements. For ceremony purposes, Latin Honors are determined based on GPA at the end of the previous semester. However, if Latin Honors are earned at the end of the graduation term, it will be indicated on the diploma.


A ceremony of symbolic welcoming of new nurses to the profession, attended by friends and family.

Master's Hooding

A time to recognize the achievements of our Master's degree candidates through a ceremony centered around a traditional component of the academic regalia, the hood.

Kinesiology Student Awards and Research Day

A day that not only showcases student research by Department of Kinesiology students, but also a recognition of outstanding and graduating students from the Department.