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Whether you know exactly which area of science and math you’d like to study or if you are still exploring your major options, the opportunities you will be given in any of our majors are endless.
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Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) are an exciting way for you as a first-year student to merge your academic priorities with your personal and social goals. As a FIG student, you enroll in similar class schedules — usually sharing three to four core classes with other members of your FIG — and participate in our specially designed Freshman Seminar, which allows you to begin working together with faculty and staff from your chosen major as soon as you arrive on campus.

Each FIG features innovative programs designed to help you engage fully with campus life and meet leaders from your chosen field of study. You might eventually become a leader on campus and in your field of study thanks to the knowledge you gain from hands-on support from faculty and from your familiarity with all of UTA's offerings. In addition, each FIG features the support of an upper-class peer academic leader who can offer advice, support and mentoring as you progress through your first year of college. Freshmen Interest Groups