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To request that UTA send your recommendations letters to a medical/dental application service or school, please use the form below:

Please submit your Health Professions advising requests to HPAC@uta.edu.

Health Professions (HPAC) application forms

Please send completed forms to:
Health Professions Advisor
The University of Texas at Arlington
P. O. Box 19047 Arlington, TX 76019

Health professions Health Professions (HPAC) application forms HPAC Application form HPAC Evaluation form Please send completed forms to: Health Professions Advisor The University of Texas at Arlington P. O. Box 19047 Arlington, TX 76019

Pre-medical studies
Curriculum: In general, medical school admissions committees do not state a preference regarding undergraduate curriculum, leaving the student free to choose a degree program suited to special abilities and interests. Students may select any major, after conferring with an advisor, as long as the minimum requirements stated by the medical schools are met. The minimum course requirements for admission to medical schools in Texas are indicated below:

Biology - 16 semester hours
Chemistry - 16 semester hours
English - 6 to 8 semester hours
Mathematics - 3 to 6 semester hours (calculus or statistics)
Physics - 8 semester hours

To be considered for admission to medical school, a total of 90 semester hours of undergraduate work in a fully-accredited college in the United States must be completed prior to enrollment.

MCAT and medical school information

Medical school applicants must achieve a satisfactory score on the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT). The University of Texas at Arlington currently enrolls over 300 premedical students. The University provides a wide range of services for pre-medical students through the Health Professions Counseling and Advising Center in the College of Science. These services include:

  • Pre-admission counseling
  • Recommendation to medical school
  • Career counseling
  • MCAT preparation
  • Visits by medical school representatives
  • Tours of medical schools
  • Pre-med workshops
  • Interview preparation
  • Sponsorship of pre-med club (Medical/Dental Preparatory Association)
  • Application assistance
  • Individual attention and assistance

Pre-dental studies

A minimum of 90 semester hours is required prior to application/admission to dental school.
Required courses include:

English - 6 semester hours
Inorganic Chemistry - 8 semester hours
Organic Chemistry - 8 semester hours
Biochemistry - 3 semester hours
Physics - 8 semester hours
Biology - 16 to 20 hours recommended
Math 1308

Applicants are required to make an acceptable score on the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT). The three dental schools in Texas are:


The optometry schools in Texas are located at The University of Houston and the University of the Incarnate Word.


Pharmacy schools in Texas:


The veterinary school in Texas is located at Texas A&M University.