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Fall 2014 Calendar of events

Wednesday, September 17 UT Arlington Library Focus on Faculty
12-1:30 p.m.
Central Library
Sixth Floor Parlor

Guest speaker will be Samarendra Mohanty, assistant professor of physics and head of the UTA Biophysics and Physiology Lab. His lecture is titled “Light-controlled construction, control, and understanding of neuronal circuits”.

Friday, October 3 College of Science Picnic
11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Library Mall

Come by for hamburgers, hot dogs and other goodies and support the College of Science!

Wednesday, October 29 Last day to drop classes; submit requests to advisors prior to 4 p.m.
Monday, November 3-Friday, November 7 Science Week 2014

The College of Science spotlights the achievements of its alumni, students and faculty with a week of special events.

Monday November 3 Registration begins for Spring 2015 semester
Thursday-Friday, Nov 27-28 Thanksgiving holidays
Wednesday, December 3 Last day of classes for Fall 2014 semester

December 6, 8-12 Final exams
Friday, December 12 College of Science Fall 2014 Commencement
3 p.m. College Park Center

The College of Science will celebrate its newest group of graduates with the Fall 2014 graduation ceremony.

Complete information coming soon.

College of Science Seminar/Colloquium Schedule Spring 2014

All seminars are at 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Life Science Building, Room 124. Full details here.

March 6 -- Marnie Rout, UNT Health Science Center, “The Role of the Plant Microbiome in Invasion Ecology: A Case Study”

March 20 -- David Reznick, UC Riverside, “Experimental Studies of the Interaction Between Ecology and Evolution in a Natural Ecosystem”

March 27 -- Jim McGuire, UC Berkeley, Title TBA

April 3 -- Gary Stacey, University of Missouri, “Chitin signaling in plants: A comparison of the role of chitooligosaccharides in plant symbiotic and pathogen associations”

April 10 -- Lisette Waits, University of Idaho, ”Landscape genetics and contributions to wildlife ecology and management (case studies from amphibians/wolverines/cougars)”

April 17 -- Steve Pennings, University of Houston, “Reciprocal feedbacks between crabs and creek growth in coastal salt marshes”

April 24 -- Virginia Weis, Oregon State University, “The regulation of coral-dinoflagellate symbioses: the role of innate immunity”


Chemistry and Biochemistry
All seminars are at 3 p.m. on Fridays in W. A. Baker Chemistry Research Building, Room 114.. Refreshments will be served in CRB Room 112 at 2:45 p.m. Full details here.

March 7 -- Richard A. Kemp, University of New Mexico, professor of chemistry and chemical biology, "Conversions of CO2 Facilitated by Earth Abundant Metals"

March 21 -- Bong-Rae Cho, Korea University, Department of Chemistry, "Two-photon probes for biomedical applications”

March 28 -- Dave Russell, Texas A&M University, professor of chemistry, "Structural Biology and Mass Spectrometry Correlating Gas- and Solution-Phase Peptide/Protein Conformer Preferences"

April 4 -- Dr. Barbara Mahler, U. S. Geological Survey, Texas Water Science Center, “From Barton Springs, Texas, to North America: Unraveling the mystery of PAH contamination and the link to coal-tar-based pavement sealant”

April 11 -- Hyejin Moon, UT Arlington, professor of mechanical & aerospace engineering, “Digital Microfluidics for Chemical and Biological Analysis”

April 18 -- Rajender S. Varma, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, professor, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, "Greener Routes to Organics and Nanomaterials: Sustainable Applications of Nano-Catalysts"

April 25 -- William A. Maio, New Mexico State University, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, "Synthetic Studies en Route to the First Total Synthesis of Taumycin A”

May 2 -- Tej Pandita, UT Southwestern, professor of radiation oncology, “DNA damage and repair”


Earth & Environmental Science
All tech sessions are at 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Geoscience Building Room 100. Full details here.

March 6 -- Anne Trinquier, Thermo Fischer Scientific, “Recent advances in thermal ionization mass spectrometry”

March 20 -- David Singer, Kent State University, “Contaminant sequestration in mesoporous materials and secondary mineral coatings: The importance of confined pore spaces”

March 27 -- Kevin Schug, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Assessing the Potential Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Processes on Private Well Water Quality in Texas and Beyond”

April 10 -- Mei Ding, Los Alamos National Laboratory, “Pore Processes in Earth Materials”

April 17 -- Jacob Sewall, Kutztown University, “Paleotopography”

April 24 -- Feng He, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Transient simulation of the last deglaciation with coupled global climate models”


All colloquia are at 3 p.m. Fridays in Pickard Hall Room 311. Full details here.

April 11 -- Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Howard University, professor and chair, department of mathematics, Title TBA

April 18 -- Yunkai Zhou, Southern Methodist University, associate professor of mathematics, Title TBA

Applied Mathematics Seminars

March 21 -- Ming Chen, University of Pittsburgh, assistant professor of mathematics, "On the breakdown of regularity of flow maps of some dispersive water wave system". 2 p.m., Pickard Hall Room 311.

March 28 -- Jonatan Lenells, Baylor University, assistant professor of mathematics, "On a novel integrable generalization of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation". 3 p.m., Pickard Hall Room 311.


Thursday, April 24 -- Ronald Riggio, the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Claremont McKenna College, title TBA. 4-7 p.m. in the Planetarium at UT Arlington, A catered reception will follow the talk.

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