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Planetarium upgrades technology with new projection system

The Planetarium at UT Arlington
The Planetarium at UT Arlington is making changes that will allow schoolchildren and other planetarium patrons an even better picture of our galaxy and beyond, including the opportunity to experience 3-D features.
A new Digistar 5 projection system was installed in December and was put into use for shows beginning in early January. The planetarium is the only North Texas facility with the new software.
"With these new features, we will be able to act as if we're riding in an alien spacecraft visiting other vistas of the universe, such as extra-solar planets orbiting distant stars," said Levent Gurdemir, the planetarium's director. "The new software also will allow us to virtually fly from one location to another on Earth because they've integrated Google's terrain map data. So, we can visit volcanoes, fault lines or even take a tourist trip to New York City."
According to computer graphics innovator Evans & Sutherland, the maker of the Digistar 5 system, the new software "contains the most comprehensive set of astronomical data ever assembled, including the fully integrated Digital Universe data set from the American Museum of Natural History and NASA."
"The Planetarium has been a great community outreach tool for the University, and we expect this upgrade to make it an even more valuable asset," said Pamela Jansma, dean of the College of Science.
The Planetarium's Spring 2013 show schedule began January 3 and runs through May 26. Find the schedule, along with plenty of other information about astronomy, at