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College of Science students claim numerous ACES awards

The College of Science was well-represented among the award winners during the Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students, held March 27 in the E.H. Hereford University Center.

The annual daylong event allows students to present their research in either a poster or oral format. A panel comprised of faculty members, alumni and area professionals judged the entries, and awards were presented to the winners at the closing reception.

"Congratulations to all our College of Science students who received awards at this year's ACES symposium," Dean of Science Pamela Jansma said. "The number of award recipients from the college attests to the excellent research being done by so many of our students and it's wonderful to see their hard work recognized. We look forward to great things in the future from all of you."

Ashanti Johnson, executive director of the Institute for Broadening Participation and a research associate in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, delivered the keynote address. Johnson, who received a B.S. (1993) in Marine Science from Texas A&M University-Galveston (TAMUG) and a Ph.D. (1999) in Oceanography from Texas A&M University, is one of the first female African-American chemical oceanographers in the country, and the first African-American to earn a doctoral degree in oceanography from TAMU.

College of Science award winners included:

Outstanding ACES Faculty Mentor - Kevin Schug (Chemistry)
Graduate Sustainability Award ($200) - Ashley Asmus (Biology), "Living fast above the Arctic Circle: tundra arthropod assemblages under severe seasonal constraints", Faculty mentor: Laura Gough

Undergraduate Poster Presentation
President's Poster Award ($200) - Sabra Ramirez (Chemistry), "Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfur-Containing Aliphatic Photoluminescent Polymers", Faculty mentor: Kevin Schug
Provost's Poster Award ($100) - Hasan Sumdani (Biology), "Protists and Bacteria in an Aquatic Environment", Faculty mentor: James Grover
Honorable Mention ($25) - Aliza Denobrega (Psychology), "Estrogen Modulates Conditioned Cocaine Reward", Faculty mentor: Linda Perrotti

Undergraduate Morning Oral Presentation
Provost's Award ($100) - Catherine E. Greene (Biology), "Population Seasonal Growth Dynamics of the Invasive Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in Lake Texoma, Texas", Faculty mentor: Robert McMahon

Graduate Dean's Award ($50) - Jessica Azzinnari (Biology), "Life History Trade-offs of Vaejovis Scorpions in Response to Environment Disturbances", Faculty mentor: Daniel Formanowicz

Undergraduate Afternoon Oral Presentation
Provost's Award ($100 ) - Keith Gray (Physics), "Examination of the outgassing spectrum on several generations of micro-channel plate photomultiplier tubes", Faculty mentor: Andrew Brandt
Graduate Dean's Award ($50) - William Rush Scaggs (Biology), "Rhodium Catalyzed Regio- and Stereocontrol of Homoallylic Silyl Ethers", Faculty mentor: Junha Jeon

Graduate Poster Presentation
President's Poster Award ($200) - Nagham Alatrash (Chemistry), "Chemotherapy with Metals: Biological Activity of Lipophilic Ruthenium (II) Polypyridyl Complexes", Faculty mentor: Frederick MacDonnell
Honorable Mention ($25) - Angela Osen (Geology), "Late Permian climate sensitivity to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and precession cycles: implications for the mass extinction", Faculty mentor: Arne Winguth

Graduate Morning Oral Presentation
President's Award ($300) - Ashley Asmus (Biology), "Living fast above the Arctic Circle: tundra arthropod assemblages under severe seasonal constraints", Faculty mentor: Laura Gough
Honorable Mention ($50) - Shweta Panchal (Biology), "Regulation of plant immunity by air humidity", Faculty mentor: Maeli Melotto
Honorable Mention ($50) - Colin Jenney, MS, ACSM-CPT (Psychology), "The Influence of Previous Experience on Exergame Use in College Undergraduates", Faculty mentor: Angela Liegey Dougall

Graduate Afternoon Oral Presentation
President's Award ($300) - Hui Fan (Chemistry), "Outlook on Treatment of Traumatic Brian Injury - Ultra-trace Estrogen Detection in Cerebrospinal Fluid to facilitate Neuroprotection Studies", Faculty mentor: Kevin Schug
Honorable Mention ($50) - Eldon Prince (Biology), "The genetic basis of convergent evolution in humans and dogs", Faculty mentor: John Fondon III
Honorable Mention ($50) - Last Feremenga (Physics), "Electron Identification Studies for the Level 1 Trigger Upgrade", Faculty mentor: Jaehoon Yu

For a full list of award winners, see the ACES website here.

Posted April 25, 2013