College of Science

College of Science students earn awards, scholarships

The College of Science honored outstanding students and faculty members with annual departmental awards for the 2013-14 academic year and scholarships for 2014-15.

“The outstanding quality of work our students are doing is truly inspiring and gratifying, and these awards and scholarships are a great way to honor their dedication and hard work,” Dean of Science Pamela Jansma said. “Our students make all of us as College of Science faculty members and administrators very proud with their achievements in the classroom and in the laboratory. Congratulations to all of the recipients. We can’t wait to see what you are all going to accomplish next.”

Award and scholarship recipients include, by department:

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award - Luis Velazquez
Outstanding Graduate Research Award - Eric Watson
T. E. Kennerly Award for Excellence in Teaching - Coridon Laws
William F. Pyburn Fellowship - Utpal Smart
Dr. Thomas R. Hellier, Jr. & Mrs. Evelyn F. Hellier Biology Scholarship - Kyle O’Connell
William L. & Martha Hughes Award for the Study of Biology - Sohail Aboul-Jibin, Jessica Stevens, Jennifer La, Hasan Sumdani, Nicole Nguyen, Mark Torres, Colten Philpott, Mina Tricomi-Peugh

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Undergraduate Student Awards
Outstanding Freshman Chemistry/Biochemistry Major - Jared Enriquez
Robert F. Francis Award for Outstanding Sophomore - Johan Kamyab
R. L. Hoyle Award for Outstanding Junior - Seongjeong Jung
John T. Murchison Award for Outstanding Senior - Hiep Nguyen
American Chemical Society Award for Outstanding Chemistry/Biochemistry Major - Tran Tran
Undergraduate Research Award - Kana White
Undergraduate Teaching Award - Jessica Nguyen
Outstanding Chemistry Clinic Tutor Award - Nicholas York
Chemistry and Biochemistry Society Outstanding Member Award - Madeleine Alonso
Undergraduate Student Scholarships
Daniel W. and Linda Armstrong Scholarship - Frances Dijeh, Hien Lam
Chemistry and Biochemistry Society Excellence Award - Linda Dao, John Gurak
Sharon and Donald L. Jernigan Chemistry Scholarship - Joshua Aubert, Drew Henderson
Dennis S. Marynick Scholarship - Alonna M Guerrero
John T. Murchison Scholarship - Ruona Ebiai, Gilbert Mfitumukiza, Adeeb Shalabi
Ann H. Benham Endowed Scholarship - Lauren Apgar, Daria Zhukova
Graduate Student Awards and Scholarships
Graduate Teaching Award - Lawton Andy Seal
President Spaniolo Graduate Research Award - Doug Carlton, Jayanta Das
Charles K. Baker Fellowship Award - Kenneth Abayan, Joshua Crowell, Eugenia Narh, Shawn Ridlen, Evelyn Wang

Earth and Environmental Sciences
J.D. Boone Scholarship Endowment - Troy Barber
Fort Worth Wildcatters Association Endowment - Troy Barber, Chris Borjas
Donald F. Reaser Endowment - Cullen Boyd, Laura Cruz-Gomez, Bud Dillard, Patricia Garay, Richard Goldberg, William Hoffman
Wanda Slagle Scholarship Endowment - Laura Cruz-Gomez
Spindletop Oil & Gas Co. Graduate Fellowship - Conan Gogfrey, John Philbrick
Spindletop Oil & Gas Co. Undergraduate Scholarship - Danny Nguyen, Hassan Shah, Rene St. Julien

Outstanding Math Emporium Tutor - Mohammad Elansari, Patrick Lamas
Stephen R. Bernfeld Memorial Scholarship - Rachel Traylor
H.A.D. Dunsworth Scholarship - Wade Ashton, Cecilia Gatling
John A. Gardner Family Math Scholarship - Ryan Jones, Lauren Vanpool
R. Kannan Memorial Scholarship Endowment - Alejandro Perez, Daniel Truong
Benny M. McCarley Scholarship - Carl Looney, Allie Ray
Bernice Livers Sonricker Endowed Scholarship - Duong Le
Mathematics Academic Excellence - Peter Olson, Derek Tomlin, Hongguong Xi
Outstanding Junior - Crystal Todd
Outstanding Senior - Andrew McGinnis, Eric Moraw, Prajay Patel, Lingjia Zhang
Outstanding Math Clinic Tutor - Prajay Patel
Outstanding Graduate Teaching - Allie Ray, Pengcheng Xiao
Outstanding Graduate Research - Kelly Aman, Larrissa Owens
Outstanding Graduate Student - Denise Rangel

Truman D. Black Endowed Scholarship in Physics - Sepideh Shahsavarani, Joaquin Noyola, Austin Mears
James L. Horwitz Scholarship Fund - Yvonne Ng, Amit Bashyal
Richard Jack Marquis Physics Scholarship Fund - Cheng Sheng, Sarah Moorman
Michael B. and Wanda G. Ray Fellowship - Andrew Schenck, Suman Satyal
Scharf Endowment - Rakesh Chaudhary, Zubair Bhatti
B. Cecil and Jo Thompson Undergraduate Physics Scholarship - Blake Barnett, Carlos Maldonado Lara

Laurie and Paul Paulus Psychology/Biology Scholarship - DeKeitra Griffen
Ralph H. Rodick, Sr. Mentoring and Leadership Scholarship - Ajeng Soepangat
Dr. Gary K. Teng Endowed Scholarship in Psychology - Kim Le

Health Professions
Dr. Franklin Alexander Scholarship Fund - Colten Philpott
Lawrence E. Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund - Sohail Aboul-Jibin, Maryam Alam, Lauren Apgar, Yomna Farooqi, Emmanuel Fordjour, Hasan Sumdani, Daria Zhukova
Julia and Dale Martin Pre-Dental Scholarship - Irina Simrell
Wiley F. and Bessie T. Martin Endowed Scholarship Fund - Matthew Le, Rebeca Nunez, Shamila Panjwani, Henry Tran
Carmen Trujillo Nunez Pre-Medical Scholarship in Science - Stephanie Diaz
Josephine Porter Endowed Scholarship - Dan Chu, Hassan Kanani, Kim Le, Dianna Nguyen, Nicole Nguyen
Allan Saxe Health-Related Scholarship - Grecia Higareda, Nathan Nguyen, Martin Tran

Posted August 5, 2014