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National Science Foundation Robert Noyce
Teacher Scholarship Program

$10,000 Scholarships for Life Science, Chemistry, Math and Physics
High School Teacher Candidates and Middle Level Math or Science Teacher Candidates

Summer $2,250 Internships Available for Freshmen and Sophomores

Applications for 2014-2015 Scholarships are available!

**Application deadlines for internships is May 2, 2014.

**Application deadlines for scholarships is August 15, 2014.

**Upon online submission, please email Jamie Williams (robin@uta.edu) to confirm receipt of your application.


Juniors, Seniors


Freshmen and Sophomores

  • 5 week summer internships available at local informal education settings (science camps, museums, nature parks, etc.)
  • $450 per week stipend - $2,250 total



For More Details call (817)272-2832, or visit the
Science Education and Career Center (106 Life Science)