Certificate in Environmental Science


Program Objective

In keeping with the mission of The University of Texas at Arlington to provide lifelong learning opportunities, the Graduate Program in Environmental Science and Engineering (EVSE) has created a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science.The purpose of this certificate is to provide professionals with undergraduate degrees in science (i.e., Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry or Earth & Environmental Sciences ) with graduate instruction in Environmental Science as a means of maintaining and promoting their professional development.As Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary subject, the certificate program is designed to provide science graduates with course work in environmental science in appropriate areas outside of their undergraduate major.The certificate provides students with a post-baccalaureate educational opportunity that is narrower in scope, and shorter in duration than its associated MS graduate degree program in EVSE


Admission Requirements

The terms of their admission allow participants to take the specific courses approved for the certificate program.They are not allowed to take courses outside of their program.Under these rules, students are admitted as non-degree or special students.


Any student that later seeks a graduate degree in the EVSE MS program may apply 12 of their 15 hours of course work toward that program if done within 6 years of completion of the certificate by petitioning the Graduate School through her/his the College of Science.


All participants in the program must meet the 3.0/4.0 grade point average (GPA) requirement of the Graduate School, College and EVSE Program.They must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 in their course work in order to receive the Certificate.


Requirements for the Certificate

The Certificate in Environmental Science requires that students take and successfully complete 15 advanced hours in Environmental Science and related courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0


The advanced courses available to participants in the certificate program include:


EVSE 5309††† Environmental Systems-Biological Aspects1

EVSE 5310 †† Environmental Systems-Chemical Aspects1

EVSE 5311 †† Environmental Systems-Geological Aspects1

EVSE 5320††† Environmental Toxicology

EVSE 5300††† Environmental Health

BIOL †† 5345††† Limnology

BIOL †† 5350††† Conservation Biology

BIOL †† 5355††† Aquatic Biology

CE ††††† 5321††† Engineering for Environmental Scientists

CIRP 5341††† Environmental Regulations, Law and Planning

CIRP 5350††† Environmental Planning

GEOL5301 †† Environmental Geochemistry

GEOL 5303†††† Understanding Geographic Information Systems

GEOL5407††† Environmental Geophysics 


1At least two of these environmental courses are required and both should be in areas outside of the studentís undergraduate major (e.g., A student with an undergraduate major in the Biological Sciences would be required to take EVSE 5310 and 5311).

Students may choose appropriate graduate courses other than those listed above with the approval of the Chair of the EVSE Graduate Studies Committee.


For Application or more information contact:

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