Research Day Poster Winners!


The top two prizes (First Prize: Roshan Perera, “Biopolymers Containing …;” Second Prize: Sandy Dasgupta: “Simple and Versatile, Capillary Scale Absorbance…”) went to Chemistry & Biochemistry.   These winners will receive certificates and cash prizes (sponsored by VWR International) of $125 and $75 respectively.

The following 10 posters received Honorable Mention.  Paul’s suggestion (as expressed at the Advisory Council Luncheon) was that the Department Chairs would contribute $50 each toward the prize for each of these posters to be used by the PIs at their discretion.  The following were chosen by the judges in this category (in no particular order of merit):

    • Arne Winguth, EES, “Climate and Carbon Cycle…”
    • John Holbrook, EES, “Ideas on River Processes…”
    • Dimitar Grantcharaov, "Math, “Infinite Dimensional…”
    • Jianzhong Su, Math, “A Globally Accelerated…”
    • Maeli Melotto, Biology, “A Novel Function of Stomata…”
    • Samir Iqbal [Joint with EE; Shawn Christensen, Biology collaborator], ”Specific Detection of DNA and Protein …”
    • Wei Chen, Physics, “Nanoscale Phosphors for …”
    • Jaehoon Yu, Physics, “Novel Detector Development…”
    • Mark Frame, Psychology, “Ageism in the Workplace…”
    •  Timothy Odegard, Psychology, “Hippocampal Memory Function…”