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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Science Ambassadors put on a show at our school during the day?
A: Probably not since our Ambassadors are busy students themselves. It is difficult to schedule them for enough time to gather their materials, travel to a school, put on the show, travel back to campus and put away their equipment before they must attend their next classes.
Q: Can the Science Ambassadors visit our school's career or science night?
A: Yes, they probably can.  For a charge, the Science Ambassadors will travel up to fifteen miles from UTA campus.  Contact S. Lanier to find out if your school is eligible.
Q: How many students can see the show at one time?
A: We no longer require a minimum number of students to schedule, but if the group is substantially over 100 students, it's best to see the show in shifts. If you're going to visit the planetarium also, this type of scheduling generally works out well.
Q: How long is the show?
A: The show runs about 1 hour.
Q: How much do the shows cost?
A: The cost for shows conducted on UTA campus is $100 for up to 75 people plus $1 for each additional person.  Teachers excluded.
For a one-hour off-campus show for a school's career or science night, the fee is $200.
*Note: There is a $40 non-refundable deposit required to schedule a show.
Q: Where do I pay for the science show?
A: Groups will pay any balance owed on the day of their visitto Shundreka Lanier
*Note: The planetarium will no longer accept payments on our behalf, and any payment should be made out to UTA Science Ambassadors.

Q: What method of payments are accepted?
A: Checks, money orders, purchase orders, and (coming soon) credit cards.
*Note: Our credit card feauture is not online yet but will be available soon.

Q: Where do I go for my science show?
A: Unless alternate arrangements are made beforehand, Shundreka Lanier or another Science Ambassadors representative will meet groups in front of the planetarium located on the first floor of the Chemistry and Physics Building.

Q: How do I schedule a show for my field trip to UTArlington?
A: Please go to our UTA Campus Visit Form to schedule a show on campus.

Q: How do I get Science Ambassadors to come to my school's Science Night and present?
A: Please go to our Science Night Request Form to schedule a show off campus.